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A Professional, Chemical Free, Natural Color Application

Crystal Organic Salon in Colorado Springs


Come in for a professional, 100% chemical free, permanent, natural hair color experience - naturally from plants! Yes, the leaves of Henna, Indigo, Cassia & Amla plants are professionally fine sifted into powder form. Then I mix them in such a way as to create various hair colors and one that is uniquely yours!
All chemical free and no other ingredients added. Your hair will never be the same again!
Like myself and others who only use these plant powders to color our hair,
we wish we had started using them a long time ago so that our hair
would have always looked and felt as fabulous as it does now!
Consistent use of these plant powders will strengthen, soften, add body & shine, provide depth & vibrancy of color, and even repair damage caused from using
and “natural/organic” traditional hair color lines.

A range of permanent hair colors from blonde to black may be achieved with this natural hair color - contingent upon your natural root level of color. Ladies with natural white or blonde hair may achieve any color from her natural white or blonde level to black. Ladies with natural brown hair may achieve any level of color from her natural brown level to black. It’s also possible to achieve auburn and red tones

within these colors.

This natural hair color is the highest quality plant derived Henna, Indigo, Cassia & Amla. Every new batch is tested at an independent certified laboratory to insure that it has no lead, PPD, contaminants, adulterants or pesticide residue. Ladies who want a totally chemical free hair color experience, including those who have adverse reactions to traditional hair color, are turning to this natural hair color and loving it! I see hair transform before my eyes when clients have switched from color with chemicals to this chemical free natural hair color. They love how their hair looks and feels now!
And they are so grateful to have found this option to color their hair.
I feel the same about my own hair!

I’m looking forward to meeting you!

Crystal Organic Salon
A safe environment for my clients and me

100% Chemical Free, Natural Hair Color!

Henna, Indigo, Cassia & Amla

Natural, Organic & 
Chemical Free products, 
to provide ladies with 
Gentle and Non-Toxic professional services, 
for our well being!